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    3.Light-Box / Lingting logo
    AGATHA shopfront logo
     Type: 3.Light-Box / Lingting logo
    Price: $0
    Size: customized size
    producer: Magic Power Display

    1.       Material : 316# mirror finished stainless steel
    Ø         1.2mm thick SS for the front
    Ø         1.0mm thick SS for the sides
    Ø         3mm thick white acrylic on the top
    Ø         1.0mm thick electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet for the back
    2.       Letters “AGATHA” light at the front with waterproof white LED lights inside ;
    3.       thickness of letters “AGATHA”: 50mm;
    4.       size: (with legs 30mm)
    Ø         1600w x 267h x 50t
    Ø         1400w x 233h x 50t
    Ø         1200w x 200h x 50t

    with 220V30W power transformer

    UpDate Time:2010/2/8

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