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    1.Special Display
    Ear Shape Display Stand
     Type: 1.Special Display
    Price: $0
    Size: W730*D330*H835mm
    producer: Magic Power Display

    Multipart object, made of an plastic-coated slab banded with an melamin resin of the same decor, attached to a height adjustable square-type tube powdered in a two-staged base, parallel offset to the frontside an backside of the base slab, circumferential bordered with a plastic edge band. The upper base has to be grooved to attach a satined acrylic glass sheet with ground and polished edges. The acrylic glass sheet has to be equipped with 8 clamping devices to adjust 4 satined acrylic glass plates with ground and polished edges. 4 plastic sliders, LED Stripe (green) fixed below the rear panel including completely assembled cable set and transformer to inlight the rear panel.

    Ask for more infomation about this special display.

    UpDate Time:2010/2/8

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